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Customer's Comments

"I really like the big washers.  They hold a lot of clothes!  In the fall, I wash my down comforters.  They look practically new!  I bring tennis balls and put them in the dryers and that helps break up the feathers inside and makes it fluffy again."      Lisa N.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Amanda M.| insider_expert Insider Expert | Rank: 6,081

After moving to Salt Lake and not having a washer and dryer in apartment, I went to a number of Laundromats. I finally found Swishy Washy and it is so clean! I had a hard time finding a clean place to clean my clothes! They have a nice tile floor and nice clean industrial washers. There is never a build up of garbage or soap scum on the washers inside and out. They have a friendly staff that is always wiping down the washers and keeping things sanitized. I also like the easy card that you put money on and then use the card in the washers and dryers instead of needing all the change that takes tine and gets your hands dirty.



We now have different payment options, including using quarters, dollar coins, or dollar-valued tokens.  We also have a cool smart phone app, called Cleartoken.  You can start both washers and dryers with your smart phone.  You can easily load credits onto your Cleartoken account by using your credit card!  Its way easy, and several customers love the convenience and ease of it.

This is my favorite comment, by someone on my Facebook Page;

"The only place I would trust with my unmentionables."  Randall W.

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