For over eighteen years, Owners Craig and Tiffanie have built a solid reputation as Salt Lake's nicest laundromat and most trusted business. We are committed to providing quality service to the community. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While raising five kids, we understand laundry!  With an eye for cleanliness, we often use our laundromat for our own clothes, blankets, comforters and sleeping bags.  If Tiffanie is going to be a customer at Swishy Washy, it had better be clean, well lit, and the machines better be working!!  That is the one thing that we hear the most from our customers, is how clean our store is.  It was important for us to build our store with the latest innovations and choices.  We never wanted to see customers waiting for washers or dryers.  We wanted to make sure that customers had plenty of laundry carts and folding tables.  We wanted to have wide aisles.The most important concern we had was safety for our customers.  Our store is well lit, both on the inside and the outside with plenty of glass to view the entire store!!  . 

Craig and Tiffanie both grew up in Holladay and have always loved this area.  All five of their children have grown up working at the store, whether it be filling the soap or candy machine, or cleaning or mopping.  The kids have learned that if a customer has a positive experience at the laundromat, then they will come back again and again.  And that is our goal and recipe for success!.

          Welcome to Swishy Washy Laundromat!
Now offering 24 hour access!

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