Welcome to Swishy Washy Laundromat!

Easy Card System

To start any of the machines, you first must create an Easy Card.  Simply insert cash and press the red button. Your EasyCard is now created! 

After creating your Easy Card, you can add more money on it or press the red button and eject your Easy Card.  It is your own card and it stores your balance. You use the same card over and over again.  You can check your balance or add more money to it at any time. Now you are ready to start the machines using your Easy Card !

Simply insert your card into any of the washing or drying machine card readers.    The display will show how much the machine costs, deducts the amount, and shows you the remaining balance on your card.  The machine starts and you are on your way!  If your balance gets low, you can add more money to your card!  It is that Easy!  You will love not having to mess with quarters!
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